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Don’t let your diet restrict your palate! Tame your sweet tooth with our healthy and delicious cookies. We bake gluten and sugar-free cookies for you to enjoy at any time of the day without the guilt of indulging! With Smart Cookie it’s easy to live healthy without effort.

Customer Reviews

Anna Anderson
I ordered the strawberry box to other city and none of the biscuits were broken when delivered! The taste was amazing! I think this brand is better than most grocery store biscuits.
Tamara Taylor
My kids love when I add these cookies to their school lunch. As for myself, I really appreciate the size of the package. It’s not too big so I’m safe not to eat too many at once. Way better than a family-sized packages. Our family already tried each possible flavor and we agree that the seasame seeds one is the best. Hope you guys come up with new flavors for us to try!
Cindy Clark
My hubby and I just love to have these cookies as the Sunday afternoon snack. I like that they are wrapped in packs of two cookies each, just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.


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New flavor!

New flavor!

If you’re a big strawberry fan or have a child that would love snacking on adorable pink cookies, try our new strawberry flavor!

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